Hi, I'm Susan

I'm here to help you connect more deeply to yourself than you ever have so you can find peace and clarity and live the life you're meant to live.


I've been in traditional talk therapy for 6 years and I got more out of this in 90 minutes that I feel like I ever have before.  The experience was out-of-body and tuned in the entire time. I felt like I was channeling the deepest and wisest part of myself and I feel like I turned a corner in my life. I'm so thankful!


Let's Connect

Image by Kenrick Mills
Image by Cristian Palmer

Emotional Release

Find freedom from triggers

This 44 minute session will walk you through the process of releasing old stuck emotions (what Eckart Tolle refers to the 'pain body') in real time. You will leave with this session feeling lighter and with the tools to do this for yourself as emotional triggers arise in the future.

Classic Inner Voice

Connect more deeply than ever

This 2 hour recorded session will allow you to release your mind and go deeper than you ever have before. This transformative experience can lead to bliss, releasing emotional blocks, and insight into your inner being's thoughts on pretty much everything.

Inner Voice Tune Ins

When one session is not enough

I've found that it gets easier to tune into your inner voice on your own, when you have some practice with someone holding space for you. Now offering membership packages to individual or group recorded calls.


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