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Rapid Transformational Therapy for
Money Blocks
Group Session

Are you ready to start re-writing the story about your relationship with money and prosperity in your life? In this 90-minute group RTT session, we will connect to your worthiness, and drop any feelings of not enough-ness so you can move forward in your divine abundance to live the life you choose. 

If you're ready to finally shift your money mindset, schedule at the link below. Those who attend will receive a transformational recording to ensure success. 

These three RTT Group sessions are free; however, when you invest, even a small sum, we've found the transformations to be even more effective. There is an option to pay what you wish when you schedule your session.

Susan is an Intuition Coach and a Rapid Transformational Therapist. She uses her strong connection to her inner guidance to empower her clients to move past anxiety, old beliefs and trauma to find their true innate wellness and prosperity.

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