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What if all you had to do to

live the life you want was to


You've been told that 'you have all the answers within'

But do you even know what that means or feels like? Or even how to access your answers?

You do yoga, read the books, repeat the mantras, drink all the green smoothies, and breathe till you are lightheaded. All of this may help you feel better for a short time...

But are you using your practices to escape from your life rather than living the life you want?

You have the knowledge, but do you have the knowing?

the truth is,

it doesn't have to be so hard to experience life with ease.


I've hit the wall.

I've wondered about my life, 'Is this it?'

On my journey, I've felt the amazing connection to my inner being and Source in small segments of my life.


It was like I was taking small tastes of an ice cream cone.

But what if I could have the whole ice cream cone?

What if I could have the whole gallon of ice cream?

What if life can be fully connected like owning a whole damn ice cream truck?


I've witnessed so many clients move from anxiety to peace, from


Beginning it to being it,


Learning about it to living it


Knowledge of it to knowing it

You don't have to escape your life to find enlightenment.


You can experience your full connection, now.

the remembering.png

The Remembering is for those who are ready to move from knowledge to knowing and embody presence even in THIS now.

Every journey is different, and "awakening" is not something you can schedule. Surrounding yourself with like-minded souls in a supportive group is such a powerful way to start the next step of your path.


Over six weeks we will explore, experiment, and allow presence in a supportive, safe space so we can step into our true power - Remembering who we are.

It includes...
the Remembering calls are on Thursdays,
starting August 19 @7:30pm EST

Week 1

The role of the mind and why we forget.

You came into this life knowing who you are and your purpose. Understanding the true role of the mind allows access to compassion and transformation.

Week 2 

What you see is what you’re choosing.

Our life experience reflects back to us what we are choosing. Discover three key ways to interrupt resistance and start allowing flow.

Week 3  

How to ALLOW change.

We get in the swirl of doing all the things to change. What if it was easy, to just let go and experience change?


Week 4

Embracing the Shadow.

When we step into awareness and integrate our shadow story, we are able to be present and embody who we came to be.

Week 5

Connecting to your power and truth.

Connection is ALWAYS available, yet we often escape our lives to find presence. Learn how to live a connected life in your *real* life.


Week 6 

Trust in your Knowing.

Knowing is one thing, but trusting and following that knowing can hold you back. Discover new ways to integrate your mind and inner being for embodied living.


Access to Private Community (priceless)

Connect in between calls with like-minded souls (there is science behind how this actually supports your integration)

8 weeks of Bonus Calls ($88 value)

Two-month premium membership to my private community group including fun things like #tarottuesdays and weekly topic calls:

> Inner Voice Gatherings

> Intend + Manifest 

> Human Design Discovery Calls

> Inner Voice hot seat Calls

6 Meditations ($111 value)

Start deconditioning and reprogramming your mind to integrate with your inner being. These will support each week's call.

Personal Human Design chart Mini-reading ($88 value)

Personal recording reviewing your energy type, profile, and specifics of your chart to give you new understanding of your body's original program.

and bonuses!

join 'the remembering' and start living connected, like you own the whole damn ice cream truck

what others are saying...

I did my first class with Susan, and WOW !!!! HOLY! That was such a profound experience for me! Hearing another person's inner voice in real time, answer questions that my own mind ponders on. It was so unique from what I have received in private sessions. ~Helen B.


Dante Hitt

Susan is freaking amazing. I balled my eyes out on our session together.


Every step of the way—she guided me to gently look at past events that I had buried deep in my subconscious so I could meet them with the love, encouragement and total acceptance I wasn’t able to feel at the time.


I am a different Man because of it.


One who feels worthy of receiving love and giving love.


And I am oh so thankful for Susan and her wonderful gifts she’s sharing with the world.


If you’re going through a tough time and want a breakthrough, I highly recommend reaching out to her because she is the kindest / sweetest person I have ever worked with!!

I had (I’m not kidding or saying this lightly) the most wonderful, life-changing session with Susan. I literally felt like a different person yesterday. I am so appreciative of the energy shift that’s taken place. Love and light to you Susan! This is me stepping into my power. 


Jill Moore


I've spent years connecting with my inner voice... but it wasn’t until I worked with Susan regularly, that I started trusting it. And wow…has that been a game changer for me.✨

Kristin Mangas

Have questions?

Who is this experience for?

People on their journey who feel blocked and have a strong desire to live with more ease, connection to who they really are with peace and confidence (say goodbye to anxiety!).

You may have had a 1 on 1 experience with inner voice or other modalities, but you are still looking to become more integrated with your knowing.

Even if you may not  have the opportunity to ‘get away’ or take a sabbatical from real life right now, you can grow your connection to your inner voice AND live even more fully in your present life circumstances.

Why is living in a ‘remembering’ state so powerful?

You know the person. Or the situation. When it pops up it causes you to lash out without even thinking. We are hurt. We tell the stories over and over again till they feel so true. They feel like the truth of who we are. And yet, they are just thoughts that turned to beliefs.


When we remember who we REALLY are, we are more present in the moment. We respond rather than react. When we become aware, transformation happens on such a deep level and affects our whole being, our whole life.

Aren’t 1 on 1 sessions more effective?

What is the ‘Inner Voice?’

The ‘inner voice’ has also been called one’s intuition, inner being, soul. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but it is the still quiet voice, feeling, or knowing you have when you breathe and let your active mind get quiet.

how do I know if i'm connecting to my mind or my inner Voice?

Often our minds can be either loud enough to 'drown out' our connection or 'sneaky' enough to use the same language as our inner voice, all in an effort to keep us safe.

But the mind's idea of 'safe' isn't always what is best for us.


Throughout the Remembering group experience, we will incorporate practices that will support building your connection to your inner voice. By the end of this experience, you will have a clear understanding of when it’s your mind responding and when it is your KNOWING.

What if I can't make all the calls?

All the recordings are available for all of the calls (the course calls and the membership calls). If you have a question you want to be answered on the next call, you can post in the community. Also, connecting during the week with me and others in the course will help you on your journey. 

It depends.


You might find this surprising, but more and more I’m finding clients are able to process and connect to their inner knowing more deeply in groups rather than 1 on 1. There is power when a group of people who are all focused on their inner connection gets together  - the collective focus allows for *even deeper* healing, releasing, and allowing. The supportive community that is built as we all share in the journey from different perspectives is so expansive and life-giving. If that feels aligning to where you are right now, then the Remembering is definitely for you.


And for some people, doing this deep work with others in a group can be overwhelming and they can shut down. If this is you right now, don’t fight it. Accept where you are - your path is unfolding exactly as it is meant to be.


ready to join 'the remembering' and start living the life you choose?

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