Stop 'putting your mind to it'

Have you ever heard that phrase, "Put your mind to it, and you can do anything" On my daily walk the other day, I was listening to a song and it hit me: Why do I have to 'put my mind' to anything?

Using my mind to 'effort' results (whether that be through actual doing effort OR the effort of controlling thoughts to create what I want) has left me mostly burned out, overwhelmed, exhausted. When I use effort or 'force myself to do things, I don't feel clear or energized. I feel confused about the next step and often I'm left spinning.

Did some things get "done"? Sure, but at what cost to my peace, my joy, my be-ing?

Our minds are great at general to-do tasks, loving to check things off, but are they good at bringing us peace? No. Asking the mind to bring you peace is like asking a stapler to cut paper. Our minds were not designed for that type of work.

So, I checked in with my inner voice: What can I do instead of 'putting my mind' to things?

The response was so simple:

'Put your inner voice to it, and you can BE anything.'

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